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Mambos Says Goodbye to Live Music

Dear faithful Mambos live friends,


For over 5 years, Mambos has been bringing you intimate live performances featuring some of our premiere artists of our city, in all styles of sounds and genres. Mambo’s purpose was to help fill a void of venues where these artists could express themselves in their own unique way and nurture a space where Latin Jazz, Traditional and Contemporary Jazz, Salsa, Cuban, Brazilian, Afro-Peruvian, Soul-funk and many other inspiring Global sounds could thrive and be appreciated by a devoted audience. We are sad to say that our amazing run has come to an end.


Mambos never really made a profit on its music nights. With no cover, it was at best a break-even proposition or would take a loss to support these artists. We would hear weekly from the performers of how thankful they were for us having a space where there were treated with appreciation, since many venues had closed where they could perform.  It truly is a sad time for our local music scene. We were simply trying to do our part to help remedy that.


Without getting too much into details, the performance rights societies, who we believe do good work collecting on behalf of writers, have been unreasonably pressuring Mambos to pay unrealistic fees for hosting live shows. We tried to find a compromise but they allowed no room for negotiations; either pay up, for past and future shows plus penalties, or a lawsuit will ensue.

Since these shows were being sustained without much profit to begin with, Mambos simply cannot afford, as a small business, to add these fees to our expenses. It would have been different if these artists/writers were getting paid directly from what we featured but we know none of them will ever see a cent. So instead of these PRO’s finding ways to work with these venues like ours, they force them to have to shut down where no one wins and everyone loses. This is very unfortunate.


We don’t anticipate that they will change their rules anytime soon since this is happening across the globe and until they make adjustments to work with smaller venues they will be doing more harm than good in helping out these artists they say they champion to protect. So like many, we are forced to close down our live performances.


We say goodbye to all the amazing musicians, who have become our dear friends and all the smiling faces who would come out to support them and capture incredible moments in time of love, art and performance. We will forever cherish this time with you all.


Sincerely Mambos


P.S. If you are interested in understanding what we have been experiencing here is a great article on a small coffee house that had to shut down as well.